Friday, December 2, 2016

Japanese Fashion Company Release Pokemon Go Pikachu Shoes

Since the phenomenon of Pokemon GO, Pikachu and his friends suddenly popular again. A variety of fashion products, toys, until the food was borrowed characters cute monsters were immediately scattered in the market. This time, turn the shoe Pikachu are present in the online shop of Japan.

Esperanza Shoes, a leading online shop in Japan has released a row of shoes Pikachu Collection. Footwear offered comes in two models, the flat pump shoes with various motifs Pikachu and platform pump high heels with a bright yellow color, complete with a pair of ears and a lightning shaped tail. With these shoes, your appearance would invite attention.

For a while, these shoes can only be obtained by ordering online. The price varies between 9.612 Japanese Yen (flat pump shoes) to 12.744 Japanese Yen (high heels). Wanted to collect one of them?



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